The needlework development scheme produced a range of publications, all of them educational.  Booklets describing the aims and objectives of the scheme are illustrated throughout with examples of pieces from the collections.  Some of these have been identified and linked to their current custodians.  As well as using the collection to illustrate their own publications, the NDS is cited in many embroidery books published in the 1940’s-1960’s for loaning photographs as illustrations in other books. 

Embroidery stitch booklets were written by the NDS experts based in the wellington street office in Glasgow.  Termly bulletins were distributed to schools throughout the UK, featuring different techniques in stitch and design.  Again, these featured examples from the collection. ECA has amassed a full collection of bulletins and booklets for reference which is held along with the textile collection.  Associated publications featuring NDS samples are also being added to ECA’s collection.  

nds booklet